It is a Sunday morning somewhere

It is a Sunday morning somewhere, even here, so enjoy your day the very best of ways that you can today.  I will be doing some things today, not sure what just yet but somethings will brighten my day.  Yesterday day I spent a lot of time getting my lap top up-to-date on upgrades and a couple on this all in one computer.  The All-in-one is a HP, the laptop and the desktop that is in the shop are Dells, and I must say that the newest one is a refurbished and  is also a Dell.

With the exceptions of the All-in-one and the laptop which has their own screens, all the rest are using a TV for a screen.  I have two tablets that I hardly ever use, I think each is out of power now.  Only one has two cameras.  The Samsung tablet only has one camera and I like it better except for the camera thing.

I have technology and a little knowledge and if you added the two together I would be dumb and lacking many abilities.  I can find the answer to most any question but to understand the tools of knowledge I am so very weak.  I am trying to improve in my capacity but I am not sure if time will let me gain the skills needed for that.  I wear two smart watches one can be used as a phone, the other will let me ring out or in and I can hear over it but just can not talk on it.  The old Dick Tracey gig.

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