Diet of choice

As the sunset crosses into Arizona while moving westward to begin another day elsewhere, I sit here watching time go by in a slight hurry.

I have started eating better these past few days in hope that I might get some control over my life.  So far it seems like might be working some.  At least I am eating better and more rounded in my food intake.  It will take a while to be sure.  My freezer is full the first time in at least 5 years.  I have been living out of the frig mostly.  I have noticed that these foods have a lot of sodium even if the food is boxed and frozen.  All the foods are pre-cooked and the option of microwave or oven to prepare.

These foods are products of Schwan’s which has been around since 1952.  I order the foods and it is delivered on a Thursday as per the schedules direct to my door.  I buy a lot of foods with a delivery to my home.  Instacart, Schwan’s Foods, and Amazon.

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