Diet of choice

As the sunset crosses into Arizona while moving westward to begin another day elsewhere, I sit here watching time go by in a slight hurry.

I have started eating better these past few days in hope that I might get some control over my life.  So far it seems like might be working some.  At least I am eating better and more rounded in my food intake.  It will take a while to be sure.  My freezer is full the first time in at least 5 years.  I have been living out of the frig mostly.  I have noticed that these foods have a lot of sodium even if the food is boxed and frozen.  All the foods are pre-cooked and the option of microwave or oven to prepare.

These foods are products of Schwan’s which has been around since 1952.  I order the foods and it is delivered on a Thursday as per the schedules direct to my door.  I buy a lot of foods with a delivery to my home.  Instacart, Schwan’s Foods, and Amazon.

A thought

When talk good of some people we should consider the quiddity of that person.  Steven Seagull spoke of it is some of his movies when he asked what is the essence of man.  Man is how he acts.  A successful man speaks and says an untruth, deliberately goes on talk shows and demonstrates disrespect for law and order by his actions, then what is his essence?  I, the uneducated, unsuccessful and unequal, can say that I have respect for law and order.  I am also successful  in my own makings and right, I am happy with who I am and strive not to be another, my quiddity speaks for itself.

I enter into schmooze when around friends or others.  I ask not what one can do for me but what I can do for others.  I believe to help one by giving a dime to him and at some point I will receive a dollar back.  It all is relative with my actions, but I do and expect nothing in return.  My collegiality with others is mutual and friends of many avenues in life.

Where did I go with all of these words of descriptive nature?  I really have no idea, it just felt good to put words to paper today.  It is funny “to put words to paper” was another comment from a movie.  Open Range to be the movie.

A schmooze with others

My travels carried me to the Waffle House for breakfast and to schmooze with others about the day ahead or behind.  The collegiality of those of us that come together for out daily schmooze sessions remains unique to the group.  We have fun as well as being independent in our lives.

The day ahead looks promising to be very interesting.  We shall see.

Friday 9/7

I woke into the early morning thinking about the surgery next Wednesday on my lower eyelids.  Not that I hesitate but I question why I need a baby setter for the day, and the night if they have their way.  I have someone who I will ask to come over for a few hours 10-12 hours just to make them happy.

Rain is expected today from the storm that hit the gulf coast a couple of days ago.  I do not expect much if any myself, but who am I.

Today will go well, I have a few things to do but they will not take long at all.  I will spend my day being constructive as well as destructive.  I am good at both.