An evening

Today I did the paperwork for next week’s surgery.  WOW, what a bunch of stuff.  Anyway it is done now and I hope their computer and nurses are happy.  ROBO calls never stopped.

I put one of my computers in the shop today and had a problem with being in a loop.  Well this one I am using right now is very new, maybe two months, I had it on and I moved over to another chair watching some TV,  I kept seeing this notice popping up in the middle of my screen.  I got up and looked at it and I looked around the computer and observed another sign also.  I sit down and began to going to the test pages and then I started to remove one program that was active.  I had to do more than I thought to get rid of it all, as it had four programs in the unit.  I may have done it wrong but I know now that it was causing both problems.  It was a virus, privacy, and upkeep program.  I am covered now anyway but I solved the problem before I had to take this to the shop.

A busy night, I was going to get on here for a while but other junk got in the way.

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