Postal and food ads

I so love going to the mail box each day just so I can remove paper from the box and deposit them into the trash next to the box.  I know that food stores pay a lot of money to a loosing organization so they can send out advertisements two or three times a week.  If I do not shop there then I do not need their paper waste.  Who is cheaper, who knows, you have to sit down with a calculator to figure a price because it is listed as per pound or some other was to guess.  Oh yes if you buy two or three you will get $1 off, so you rush over and spend $20 so you can save $1.  If I do not need more than one why buy 3 or 4.  Just discount the price and all will save.

Sorry I got off subject.  I will adjust the subject to include food ads.  That was funny going postal over the postal mess and talking about the price of food in the ads.  Crazy!

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