My news

As an individual that enjoys what he is doing, that is me, I have some news to enter into the cyber world.

I have been approved to go forward with my eye lid surgeries on the 12 and 26th.  My doctor circle visits has begun again, it started with labs today.

I think I mentioned that my smart watch came in this past Saturday and I have it setup now and it is working with my phone in the best of ways.  I am able to call and receive calls to the watch and carry on a conversation accordingly.  The funny thing is that the other watch, a smart watch, I can receive calls and verbage via it, but I have not figured out the talking part yet.  I found the speaker on the side but I have not found a mic position.  Yesterday I was talking on the phone and another call was coming in, my watches both were going wild and my phone was beeping.  Crazy is my word for it, but I did not have to buy the Note 9 to do all of this, I still would like one but why drop the big dime when the little dime is working so well.  The other day I was sitting in my chair for a while, dozed off, and when I got up the watch flashed me a message to exercise that I had been idle for a while.

I am working on a couple of projects with vMix, as soon as I get it smooth out and I am happy with the presentation I will probably share it.

I will be back with other things shortly, thank you for reading and tolerating me.