• Do not eat out of a can
  • But soup is in a can
  • Beef stew is in a can
  • Cream style corn is in a can
  • Green beans are in a can
  • Pre-cooked ham is in a bag
  • Pre-cooked and pre-cut ham is good to eat in a sandwich
  • Oh no! you can’t eat ham because it is cured and salty
  • Drink water, it is good for you because it contains nothing
  • Leave the water in a cup a few days and it moles!
  • Coffee is not good for you, causes blood pressure
  • Tea is not good for you, you will drink too much
  • Diet drinks are not good for you, it will eat the paint off metal
  • Raw cucumbers, bell peppers, and other peppers I hope are good for you
  • Fried okra is not good for you
  • Fried onion rings are not good for you
  • Ok for dinner tonight is soup with saltines, plain water with ice, and a wish.

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