A blend of days

It has been a long day and I am looking forward to the sheet time tonight.  Actually, even that I was up early and doing things for other people, I feel tired but not as bad as I thought I would be.  I try to make it into bed around 10 am each day but I am flexible when it comes to a time for me.  I figured that I might take a minute or so to do the last update about my crazy life style.

Tomorrow being Sunday, I foresee not much going on, the heat wave continues and in America Monday is a holiday that we call Labor Day.  Following this day the weather tends to cool down and preparations are in progress to accept Fall and Winter.  I like the summer myself and late spring.  But I do not have any control in what happens with the weather.

The old bed is screaming at me, so I need to get moving.  A blend of days is complete.

The old man pt 4

The old man pt 4

The old man story continues with him waking at 4:05 am and on the move around 5:20 am.  He picked a friend up and they went to breakfast after which they  drove  around a while.  His friend was in an accident last afternoon, totalling his car.  So about 10:30 am he had purchased another car and smiling as he drove around.  The old man was happy for his friend and he came back home to rest and hang out around the house.

Last week

Last week I ordered, from the Navy Exchange, a Samsung watch complete with a phone and many more apps.  I have tested the phone and it works great, It is now set up and ready to do what it does best.  The watch was not supposed to be here before Tuesday but it showed up today and they brought it to the door.  I smile a lot now.

To day has been busy as I was driving my friend around to look at cars and to eat this morning.  It has been a great day today so far.  I now have time to get on here and make my mind work a little.  It is hot as, well I want to say, I will keep it nice as I do not know who is reading these little comments that I make.

Last week made today a great day for me.