Update on vision

The majority of swelled has gone down, eyes are still a bit watery with an itch also.  I am able to see better today, at least right now, than yesterday.  I have to go back to the doctor on the 3rd to complete the post op.  I do not expect any problems there.  I ask myself it this was all worth it?  I do know right now, I do hope so, I believe it will for sure help me see better.  Cataracts are a little progressive but I am still able to read with glasses and I am due for an update with glasses right now.  I will see how this goes before I jump the gun.

This procedure was my decision, the eye doctor was talking about lens replacement,   I am not sure I am ready for that direction just yet.  I have heard a lot of good things about it, and I have heard some discouraging things also.  I am back, slowly for now, but I will catch up, lol.

Distorted vision

An update:  I have no pain following my last surgery, I currently can not see clearly due to fluid draining over my eyes and distorting my view.  I have found some comfort when using the eyewear that I use at the firing range.  I have been considering the eyewear so this morning I went out to the garage, located my bag, and removed my eyewear.

I will not be on here for a while because my vision is blurred regardless of which glass I use to better my vision.  I figure within the next couple of days the vision will return and I will be able to see.

My day going forward

A restful night has now passed, I am up making my preparations for going to the hospital to have the upper eyelids worked on.  A venture that I dread but I do hope will work in the long run.  Granted my overall health is not affected just the eye part, good or bad.

I will meet my ride at 5:45am at the hospital by 6:30am and home by ?:?? am. at which time I will eat something right or wrong.  The babysitter should be here by 11:00 am and the leave around 3:00 pm.  The phone calls will start later in the day and early evening.

This will be my day going forward for today, tomorrow and thereafter will be based on other things as they come about.  I may or may not be on here later today but back soon.

A schedule

I am about to finish up all of my routines for today, eat a snack with a drink, then make all efforts to get tired so I can sleep for a few minutes before 4:30am.  I have to meet my ride at 5:45am at the office up the street.  I have to be there by 6:30am check-in, then get processed for carving.  I will not secrete the fact that I have stress feelings about this procedure as I did not the previous.