The old man

The old man

The morning came late for this old man, the sun arrived and he remained in bed till 6:15 am.  What is wrong with me, he was thinking, and as the day continued at 11:06 am he was thinking the time has been flying by and he does not remember.  He had YouTube on the TV and he cannot account for any thing that was said.  At 11:45 am he went to the computer and finished his grocery shopping and at 2:16 pm they were delivered to his door.  The remaining hours of the afternoon again he accomplished nothing.  Is he forgotten he was thinking, normally this one friend always calling him around noon each day, but today he did not call.  The old man was just tried, but I would think he might be up early tomorrow morning.  The old man has no farm, pigs, cows, etc.  He is just a regular old man living his life one day at a time.

A life’s direction

A rubric is not my guide through life, but could I accept its definition as a guide if confronted with one?  I am open-minded and a self intellect so I am sure I would consider it if so confronted.  I live by two guidelines now, religion and legal, that I live by and maybe three if societal is considered a guide.  Again, I am a self intellect, and I guide myself using the best tools available to me.

Today as I was out this morning for a short while I was solemn and taciturn as I observed my surrounding environment.  My perspective is categorized by the company that I associate with.  My intellect guides me away from the bad and toward the good of others not to discriminate with either direction.  To socialize with the good is a positive growth and to socialize with the bad is a negative depression.  Take your own route into the future so to make your own way into life.

Could I, Should I, Would I

I ask myself three questions daily:

Could I? Should I? or Would I?

Why these specific three questions

Could I, it is because the doctor or some other medical person asked me to?

To some questions I ask myself Should I do what I have been asked to do?

To the Would I, I normally respond with an ok, I have my facilities set up to complete.

To expand the obligation for these words could I (yes, if it is beneficial to me);  should I (yes, if it is beneficial to me); and would I (of course I would try me best).

Tuesday’s sun prepares

As the Tuesday sun prepares to set in the west, I on the other hand prepare for the evening of discomfort.  Not that I am sick or anything, it just a mood that strikes me from time to time.  I just got the word that the nice couple, soon to be three, up stairs has decided to soon make their relocation plans.  I guess the expenses have gotten to them, they are young and with the first one on the way, they need more for less.  I say good luck on finding that life style, but buying would be the way to go if they can afford it and do find the right place.  I wish them the very best.

I do not regret selling my house that I had 4 years ago, but I do miss it, it had gotten too big for me, a 6 bedroom and 3 bath split level on 2.25 acres.  But here I do not have $600 electric bills, maybe $70 per month.

This is the way it is on Tuesday as the sun prepares to set in the west.