A computer and its friend

A computer and its friend

We think of people having friends, good or bad they’re still considered to be a friend.  Now can a computer or a robot have friends?  I would think yes they could be friendly even with some humans.  Robots are people friends, they will fight for you, they will bring you a drink, shoes, or something else you desire.  Can they cook? Probably not today, but I am sure someone is working on that.  Do we humans need to fear the rash of the electronic people and their control friends?  I think not no time soon.  Maybe the next century if we remain America and not a socialist country.  A lot will depend on our Government involvement because they want to design and produce an electronic military so we may save lives should we ever again enter into a conflict.

I personally do believe that man will have electronic friends.  Heck, man has the female girlfriends and well do do women, expensive but?

A computer and its friend.


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