A life’s direction

A rubric is not my guide through life, but could I accept its definition as a guide if confronted with one?  I am open-minded and a self intellect so I am sure I would consider it if so confronted.  I live by two guidelines now, religion and legal, that I live by and maybe three if societal is considered a guide.  Again, I am a self intellect, and I guide myself using the best tools available to me.

Today as I was out this morning for a short while I was solemn and taciturn as I observed my surrounding environment.  My perspective is categorized by the company that I associate with.  My intellect guides me away from the bad and toward the good of others not to discriminate with either direction.  To socialize with the good is a positive growth and to socialize with the bad is a negative depression.  Take your own route into the future so to make your own way into life.

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