Could I, Should I, Would I

I ask myself three questions daily:

Could I? Should I? or Would I?

Why these specific three questions

Could I, it is because the doctor or some other medical person asked me to?

To some questions I ask myself Should I do what I have been asked to do?

To the Would I, I normally respond with an ok, I have my facilities set up to complete.

To expand the obligation for these words could I (yes, if it is beneficial to me);  should I (yes, if it is beneficial to me); and would I (of course I would try me best).

Tuesday’s sun prepares

As the Tuesday sun prepares to set in the west, I on the other hand prepare for the evening of discomfort.  Not that I am sick or anything, it just a mood that strikes me from time to time.  I just got the word that the nice couple, soon to be three, up stairs has decided to soon make their relocation plans.  I guess the expenses have gotten to them, they are young and with the first one on the way, they need more for less.  I say good luck on finding that life style, but buying would be the way to go if they can afford it and do find the right place.  I wish them the very best.

I do not regret selling my house that I had 4 years ago, but I do miss it, it had gotten too big for me, a 6 bedroom and 3 bath split level on 2.25 acres.  But here I do not have $600 electric bills, maybe $70 per month.

This is the way it is on Tuesday as the sun prepares to set in the west.


I made it to the doctor’s consult

We talked and I was checked out, they made some calls and had stuff faxed to them and I did the labs.  Overall I am the same as when I walked into the office.

I am now back home and the mail has come with nothing important except for some meds.

I am getting settled in and up to date on what has been going on around here so I will be soon and try to make come content.

I will try to act like a lodestar today.