I set here alone in a lighted room

I set here alone in a lighted room

The sun has moved west, and the moon appears to the east

The mechanical time trackers tells you it is late

The room lights begin to replace the light with dark

Oh, do you rush yourself as the world turns dark around you

Not I, many will say, I celebrate the light as do I the dark

I know that someday the light will go out. . . .

Soon to bed as I await Monday’s arrival.

I set here alone in a lighted room.

Senator John McCain

I would like to take a few minutes to pass out that the AZ Senator John McCain has passed away.  A military pilot, prisoner of war, and a United States Senator he served his country well and in good faith for the love of his country and countryman.  My prayers are with the family and my country today.  Cancer is nasty, I know because I had one a few years back.

For Senator McCain, may you RIP.

Who am I today

Who am I today, and for what I am

The who is not an issue, the what could be

Today I am me, the what I am man

What is the assonance of man

Is it definitive or evocative one might ask

Indecisiveness, unsure, or directive may also exemplify

By species man is neither female or male

So, who am I today, and for what I am.

Sunday 8/26

A Sunday of August 26 a day for me to remember

Only a few more months till the month of December

We relate time by years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds

Why do we calendar time?, Why do we even care?

Somewhere in the world is the big calendar, tracking our every move

With so much cyber tracking your each move is noted, in many cases even visits to the bathrooms are recorded

Today is Sunday 8/26 as recorded