Bored myself

When you do the same thing so much and so long, at least I can say this, one may tend to get bored with whatever they are doing.  I think I have just reached the vertex of boredom with video instructions of YouTube.  I have moved from that life for now and came back to the good life for a while.  I do not get tired or bored with this life, I just run out of words or ideas for a short time.

I am not one that likes to sleep during the daylight hours, unless I sit in my lounge chair then of course I doze off fast.  Again I still do not like it or enjoy daytime sleep.

I have been thinking of the Samsung Note 9 phone today, it is so awesome but the price is my only hold back on getting one.  It has a smart watch that they say you can leave the phone at home and go about, the watch will ring if you get a call and you can answer and talk on the watch.  What was that detective show years ago that they would talk with their shoe or watch, I remember the show but not the name.  lol, I want to say Moby Dick but I do not know many whales that talk on a watch or shoe.

Breaking my boredom in my life.

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