The bed I hear

The bed I hear screaming loud

The neighbors beating on the walls asking me to be quite

It is not I that is loud

I am getting groomed for sleep and not agitation of others

I hear that I have to sleep on my back for two weeks

This is what the papers say for my surgeries next month

I will be abbreviated for sure and will sleep on my recliner

I need to say for a reminder that back pains hurt

I will do all I can do and the best that I can do

The bed I hear screaming loud and clear for me to relocate to.

The dark of the clouds

The dark of the clouds present a sadness

So what might the sadness be, an indication of what is to come

Surely not nothing bad, the beginning of night fall

A warning before the storm

A cloud that does not get enough of the sun to be happy

Oh a cloud is not a material being, no mass at all

It does hold a story of weather, good or bad

A cloud represents GOD’s art of the sky’s, not harmful at all

All clouds have names as do you and me, so a cloud is friendly as art.

I assume the worse

I assume the worse in what I do

Could if be because of my love for you

If I can’t be the best of the best

How then can my love crest

My goal is to reach out to and grab the vortex

True love of you would be highest of accomplishments

So then why would I assume the worse in what I do

When I do it all for the love of you.

I opened the door

I opened the door onto the porch

The sun so bright my eyes blurred

The warmness felt as if you were near

Oh why do I think that, my mind is not clear

A beautiful day, but Happy bird is far away

The crickets still speak in the early of the day

If one could only know what they say

I opened the door onto the porch

Just to see the beauty of the sun, and to feel the warmth.

Bored myself

When you do the same thing so much and so long, at least I can say this, one may tend to get bored with whatever they are doing.  I think I have just reached the vertex of boredom with video instructions of YouTube.  I have moved from that life for now and came back to the good life for a while.  I do not get tired or bored with this life, I just run out of words or ideas for a short time.

I am not one that likes to sleep during the daylight hours, unless I sit in my lounge chair then of course I doze off fast.  Again I still do not like it or enjoy daytime sleep.

I have been thinking of the Samsung Note 9 phone today, it is so awesome but the price is my only hold back on getting one.  It has a smart watch that they say you can leave the phone at home and go about, the watch will ring if you get a call and you can answer and talk on the watch.  What was that detective show years ago that they would talk with their shoe or watch, I remember the show but not the name.  lol, I want to say Moby Dick but I do not know many whales that talk on a watch or shoe.

Breaking my boredom in my life.