Samsung Note 9

It came on the market today, I went up and held one in my hands,  It is a nice phone, I looked at the basic production but I want to add the 500+ gbt chip to go with it.  It comes with a pen and it also has a watch to go with for $349.  I am not sure if I want to part with that kind of money just yet.  To get the package watch and phone about $1500.  I will dream about it but that is no promise. lol

So far today I have not accomplished much, been relaxing and thinking about a number of things.  I did pay a few bills and that is in the back yard now.  I did play with my professional video camcorder some today, nothing of importance.  I had to sign some medical permissions forms for the eye lid surgeries next month.  I go the next week to see my primary doctor’s NP for medical clearance to have the surgeries done.  I do not see any problems.

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