A hook up

I finally completed a hook up which allowed my professional camcorder to work through my computer and record.  I was not able tonight to hook up a video into OBS, tomorrow when the sun is up I will try a couple of programs to see if I can go online with this camcorder.  Panasonic AV DVX100B.  The BBC used a camera like this one during conflicts over in the combat in Iraq and the area.  I have accomplished a lot with this camera lately and for what I paid for it I am very happy.  It fits in with my other video camera and DSLR.

A remembered sunset


I remember beautiful sunsets like this, but I was on a different kind of vessel while afloat.  Calmness and beautiful color, natures artistic talent.  Sometime I do miss this life style but I do enjoy my retirement and little things like being here online using words.

I’ve been bad

Yes, I have been bad, I ate some German chocolate cake.  I do not need it, should not eat it, but sometime it just looks me in the eyes and says I dare you.  Well I broke down and took the dare, lol, if I do not eat it I will just have to toss it into the trash.

Let me see, have I been bad with anything else today?  No. I can say I have not, at least today.

A give up

You may have heard that Senator John McCain has given up on any further treatment for his brain cancer.  I can not relate to his situation but I can imagine how it is.  The cancer that I had and was treated for was different and more correctable.  As, a fellow military brother I send my prayers and appreciation for his services to our country.

Flu shot follow-up

It has been over 24  hours since I took the flu shot for senior people.  They have three levels and I of course know not any details.  I have had no problems with from taking it.  I of course have not tried it with the flu yet, lol, I am sure I will one day run into the flu when I am out and about but I will try my best to avoid it as I do not need the experience that it offers.  I do have a slight headache for now but it is not because of the shot.

I thought I would update you on the shot and its effects on me.  So far, again, none.