The problem

The problem that I was experiencing yesterday I was able to break into boundary and I am on my way to better things.  It takes a lot of practice and a working knowledge of how to do things.  Yes they have many videos on YouTube and also on their official page.  But if you are like me I need to do some hands on as I listen so my fingers knows what to do.  It is kind of like Adobe if you do not learn and practice you will never get to the end of whatever you are trying to accomplish.

So today Thursday 8/23 has been a good productive day for me.

The flu shot

I had to stop by the drug store for a few things this morning so I went ahead and asked if they had the flu shots in already.  She said yes, and I got my shot, I know that I will have to get it soon anyway so I went ahead.  She did a good job and no pain which I like.

I had a restful night and feel much better today as a result.

I am now ready to return to my scramble brain and get back on the project that has kicked my ???/ yesterday.  I am positive that today is the day and I’m looking forward to the touchdown later today.

I should reach 700 connections at LinkedIn today, I am at 693 right now.

To be continued.