My brain is scrambled like eggs

I scrambled my brain tonight and day trying to accomplish a task.  Well I have put it away until tomorrow and I will re-assemble my brain into grey matter and try to put it back to work with some results this time.  I know I can do this and will accomplished it.  If not I will ask a four-year old and maybe they will have the answers.  They seem to be great with smart phones so why not a smart program.

I am very encouraged with the followers that keep me smiling each day.  I should break 700 either tonight or tomorrow on LinkedIn connections.  It is funny I am not even trying.

Tomorrow will be productive and I will be so happy with my accomplishment tomorrow.  Stand-by  for the follow-up.

I do accept and admit to it

I do accept and admit to the fact that I am not very smart.  I have this program that I have been working on, when I had the free 60 day freebie it was so easy and involved but workable.  Now that I own it and have entered the code key into the program letting it know that it works for me now, it has become difficult and trying my every nerve.  I have it on two computers and I have one working well so I am comparing them to try to figure out what went wrong.  I know that I can not be all this crazy to let a machine kick my rumpago like this.  Martin Luther once said “We shall overcome…” but it is a different topic but I am now using that alone with a few others like be positive, be calm, it will work out in time.  Oh, sorry I know you did not tune in to learn my mental state.

This is where I have been these past few days working on the new projects of mine and with some progress and not much either.  Oh I did have that old 52″ TV working yesterday but it died again, I am no longer wasting my valuable time trying to CPR it back to life.  If was designed to live longer then we would still have TV repairman instead of a TV morgue.

The American economy is doing well the last few days, it hit the longest running bull market ever yesterday.

I do remain positive about my abilities and I shall overcome this inconvenience so I remain calm knowing it will be alright and will work out in time.