Cyber smarts

As a believer in the cyber way of life and I have never thought about the question that I heard within the hour.

  • We have smart phones
  • We have smart computers, tablets, and watches
  • We have smart cars, trucks, and ships
  • We have robot braces to help people walk, breath, and live
  • Each country has data collection abilities and facilities

The question and concern are who is storing all of the data that we store each hour, etc.  We know that Russia and China wants to acquire it and use it to their advantage.  How much can be or is already being collected and stored in America’s facilities.  We have clouds but ALERT, GOD also has clouds and rains everywhere.

The direction that this post is going is over the coming years, we will probably double what we are doing now, therefore, all that data has to go somewhere.  Do we care?  We need to be where it is going and who has control of it.  It is hard to imagine the words that I and we are posting today will be stored for many years to come in some box of ones and zeros.

It is cyber smarts, we need to get technical and ask questions about where and what is being collected and stored.

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