Crazy day

Today has been a crazy day for me.  I had come company for a while, trouble with a new program for me which is still a problem.  I will kick it in a day or two.  I have the same program working on two other computers, but the new all in one computer I can not get the specs that I need to show up.  I have been doing the YouTube thing most of the day to see if I could gain knowledge to solve the problem, but it never came up.  Vmix is the name of the program, it is outstanding much more involved that OBS and xSplit or even the Microsoft Movie Maker.

I will most likely get the flu shot later this week,  I feel like a summer cold may be coming in to visit me.  It has also been a day of wanting to stay awake but for some reason it was not possible.

I am so behind on my life right now because of the last two days.  Tomorrow will not be much better.  The maintenance people are coming around to change AC filters and to look around at sprinklers and lights.  Another waste of my time.  I have an electronic item coming tomorrow, it was supposed to be here today but of course it did not make it because of either the security gate or it was passed over from Fedex to the USPS people.  Neither of which will deliver direct to the apartment, it all goes to the office and they do not notify you for a day or two, I normally go up ans ask if I have something because I do not need them holding it when I paid for it.

Today is Sunday 8/19 and it has been a Crazy day.

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