Friday 8/17

As with each Friday the day will run slow until about time for the work day is to end and the party is to begin.  At this time it is when all concerns break out and I have given thought about this and that it will give the news media a weekend to figure it out.  With so many offices closed, therefore, research will become a hassle.  The parade of He said, She said, Why now, What was he thinking, and so many other what if type of questions which will give way to the weekend chatter boxes.

It is predicted, at least where I am, some rain today and it was to have last night also.  I missed it if it did rain.  I will say this and that is the sun is running late to replace the dark of the morning.


The talk of the day is the cost of oil.  The change from summer to winter process is about to begin, Iran’s situation with their oil, and the world demand will give way to higher cost.  America is a leading producer of oil now, but we will have down time for updates and repairs soon which will cut production and again the cost will rise.  Should we have a cold winter then heating oil will increase, therefore, the cost will go up due to shortage.

I present this not to discourage but to remind to be prepared.  It is a pretty much known fact that this will happen in the spring and fall of each year with a few variations in cause.

Plan ahead and go forward.