As an informal word if means “old man”, formal it means an electrician on a movie set.

I have heard it used in a movie a few times referring to males,  I never thought much of it at the time.  So now, I can relate it to me I will have to remember it.


I have never listen to music on my phone, tonight I am.  For some reason I am listening to Irish music, but being of an Irish background I do enjoy it.  My phone is doing a great job with the music, I think it is off YouTube.



The day is moving west as the dark moves east.  The earth is on a 24 hour rotation so not to confuse the clocks and watches.  For the sake of realization we can’t afford to confuse the keepers of time.  The force shall arrive in a few hours to keep us safe and free of the aggression of evil.  Not many believe in the force, but it is out there for our belief.

On a clear night one can lay on the deck of a boat or ship and look up at the sky and see movement of space craft.  We sent some of them up and others have joined the force to show common support.

The force of the twilight lives on.

A humanoid lacking

This humanoid, acting smart, far from it.  He cut a string to represent the length of the old blind being replaced on the door.  The string felt like it was the right size so he placed it in his front pocket.

He drives to Wal-Mart to purchase the new blind, of course that is not all he picked up.  He measured the box with the string, checks out, pays for the goods and drives back to the apartment.

He puts all the stuff away, opens the box to install the new blind, and it is too short.  A humanoid for sure.  Well it was only $3.50 so I am sure, not today but tomorrow, he will go back and try again to get the right size.

Oh the humanoid was me of course.