A ride into the sunset

I miss my horse.  It was always ready to go down the road.  I gave this one to my niece and bought me a Harley then later on I sold it after I left the club.


Saddled up and westward bound

I have prepared myself for the close of my eyes in a visit into the unknown ventures found in the dark of the night till the rise of the sun in the morning.  I have resolved my belief that Happy bird is in route with the bird friends and family to another location for the hatching season ahead.  I will look forward to Happy bird’s return next year and the chirping about Georgia.

I hope to try to make some more photos during the upcoming day light hours.  Not sure what all I can photo but I will do my best to make some interesting things.  I may ride out to the old farm that I lived on when I was a kid.  I know part of the old barn is still there and the last time I was there the old road was still dirt and the bridge is still one lane wood.

Into the dream I shall saddle up and ride Smokey westward.

To track or be tracked

Have you given any consideration to the idea that our cell phones are locater’s as well as communicators.  I know that Microsoft and Google can track your location 24/7, well so can the governments of the world.  I say of the world, the major players.  No one will own up to it, but all you have to do is tell Google or Microsoft that you have lost your phone and they can ring your number and tell exactly where it is.  I also believe that Facebook, Twitter, and others can also track you if you give out the right permissions.

The TV show about a machine that was tracking each person and could tell you when a crime was about to be committed.  I watch it even if I have seen the whole series.

Do not misunderstand my concern, but I think if used right it can be an asset and not a problem.  I remember when I was hacked, the person on the other end turned my camera on and was watching me.  No how is the only rule that they go by.  A parent can put a hidden GPS device in the car and track the child all over, speeds and etc.  OnStar can track my car and send a report telling me that my oil is low, tires are low or over inflated.  Even tell me my miles on the odometer.

We belong to the trackers.  To track or be tracked.