Cool in the air

  • As the sun surrenders to the moon, the air begun to cool
  • Muggy in the apartment, AC is on cooling for tonight sleep
  • One can sleep better when cool, not cold, just cool
  • When temps are high, one can not sleep, toss and turn
  • I think tomorrow will be a day of positivity
  • I hear the cyber fleet is on the way, just for a visit
  • I look forward to meet again with my cyber Peoples
  • The cool in the air, sleep and rest better.
  • Circuitous your direction to inject suspicion then to be exculpated from wrong
  • Sleep, be aggressive and productive the day after.

The sun surrenders to the moon

  • As I set in viewing of a movie I notice the approach of dark into my room
  • The brightness of the sun has begun surrendering to the moon
  • The light of the moon is dependent upon the light of the sun
  • The cool of night is proportional to the angle of sun light bouncing off the moon
  • The cool, not so cool to replace┬áthe need of an air conditioner at temps above 70┬░ F
  • As long as the sun returns to duty on the morning after we will be ok
  • Nature constructed the reflection system very well and safe.
  • The sun is surrendering to the moon

To travel for an outing

  • We pack to travel for an outing, the family and I
  • Where will out travels take us? To a weald or a wold?
  • The travel could end at a river’s side or a lake side, one never knows for sure
  • But we pack to travel for an outing, never-the-less
  • No games, no troubles, and no concerns is our mission for fun
  • We hope also for no critters such as snakes, for a snake is a snake we no not like
  • We know not of bear so we pack our picnic so we might eat
  • We do this for fun and relaxation with no aggravation.