Its a celebration

It’s a celebration, of what?  IDK just that today was safe and I know of no one that was hurt today.  That is a good thing.  Currently I am medicating and preparing for the snooze of the night.

A star is bright somewhere tonight, I do not think it is a new coming, but even if the talk is silent the knowledge of the few only knows for sure.

I celebrate the lack of things to worry about, the knowledge I gain when I aggress to know.  To acquire knowledge sometimes means in a circuitous way.  It deserves to be a celebration.

The gloom of dark

As the large heavenly light fades into the dark of the night, star lights and star bright are upon us earthlings.  Shall we fear for some irregularities or have faith that the stars with the almighty wisdom will protect us from evils that wonder from point to point causing havoc.  I, for one, fear not as I have trust in the faith given to me over the twilights of life.  I have read that he so ever belief in him shall be saved.

The gloom of dark is a shadow for a few hours until the onset of the sunrise will again shine upon us.

I hope for a good sleep tonight, and a productive day tomorrow doing something, what? I have no idea.  May the cyber worlds come together and mastermind those fake cyber groups that wish us discomfort.

News of the day is lacking

The clouds have begun to darken, the temperature is warm and not to humid and the expectation of rain probable.  My directions are marked by obliqueness or circuitous in route, therefore I think it best that I remain in place at this time.  Travel, however, not necessary, can wait until a later time.  So come on clouds and distract me from movement within my thoughts and shower my space with cool atmospheric water clear and pure.

I am about to do research here at home with my computers and see what I can find that would make for a good content to ponder over and maybe later literate about in some form or another.

News of the day is lacking.