What to do

Most of the day I have been lackadaisical but rash in deciding what I wanted to do.  Even now I am in the same state of mind.

It is funny that I can feel this way when I have so many things on my mind that I really want to do.  I will persist and make a just decision at a later time.  I think, but not sure, it will again thunder and lightning later today a drop off some water to fill the watering holes,

I did get back on MS Azure, not that I will ever use it but I would like to try to learn part of it.  It is so massive in what it can do, It is like Microsoft in that it will have so many back up and usable storage bins that it should never be breached by Russia, Iran, or China.  Microsoft should be the only on that could cause havoc and I am not sure that is even possible.

I heard many stories last evening and today that Google and some of the other big companies are not wanting to help the military in the design of the cyber army when it is designed and put in place.  I say if they do not want to be part of America then go on over to other place and we will tariff them until they wake up.

What to do?  I have no idea.  But I shall ponder.

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