Another effort to clean up

I have begun another effort to clean up around the apartment.  I believe that I am now down to a level that I should finish up tomorrow.  It is not bad, but it could be much better which is my way of doing things.

I am going to try to training my new all in one computer with more app toys to play with.  I do not want to over work it, but if I had to put this one in the shop for some reason or reset it then I would want as much of what I have now available to me.  Mainly the NCH programs is what I need.

Tomorrow my face fur will have to be removed.  It has been a while about 4 weeks.  It want take long to get it off and the field replowed.

Will I go to the Waffle House tomorrow?  Not sure yet, but will know once I get up.  I really do not care if I do or not.  They do not care about me, just the tips, and I do not care for most of them.  I will know when I get home, that is if I go down there.

I shall depart this punishment at this time and go to see if I have leaks in my eye lids.  Maybe I do not.

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