I ordered my groceries a few days ago and requested today as the delivery date.  In the order I initially ordered fried okra at one pound.  They asked if onion rings would work if the okra was not available and I said yes and increased to 1.75 pounds.  I received the fried okra.  I am a very senior person, raised on a farm where okra and squash were eaten regularly.  I picked a lot of each as a kid, but never ate either.  A few years ago when I was eating out with friends I ate some fried okra.  My excuse was that it would sting me when I picked it was the reason I would not eat it.  Well, when I ate it I fell in love with it and now I will eat it often.  But now, squash is a different critter, to this day I will not eat it and I do not care how it is fixed, like green tomatoes yuk.  I had an enjoyable eat a few minutes ago, OKRA.

I have found that it cost a little more, not much, for me to put an order in via the computer and they shop, pack, and deliver to my door within two hours.  I have no lines, do not get ran over by golf carts, and all of the other discomforts associated with shopping in a large store.  Instacart.com is the name of the site that I order from.

So yep, Okra is the name of the game today.  I have an order in the making from Amazon which also deliveries to the door within a day or two.  Cost a little different but I do stay home and not out in the way of the inconsiderate.

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