I’ve had the pleasure of hearing some chirps a while ago.  Happy bird was not in the chirps, but that is not to say the chirps were not happy as well.  It is beautiful out and would be a great day to go for a flight if I was a bird, but I am not and foresee no wings down the road either.  Nature does amaze me with the many different life style placed on earth to enjoy or avoid.  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, just like the Eastwood movie.

I use to enjoy going out west when I was driving semi’s.  The country is so beautiful and invites you to stop and visit, and look around with enjoyment.  The west is so historic and really most of it has not changed all that much.  Much of the west is not kind to people who wants to distract from the beauty of the country.

Oh well, so I did hear some Chirps earlier.

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