Came and went

  • The weekend came and went
  • Saturday night at 7 PM, the robot called, I missed it but I did realize who it was and I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday at 1:15 PM.  A follow-up.
  • At 6 AM I had to go across the street to Wal-Mart for some paper so I could print my records for the NP
  • A midday obligation messes up a whole day, nothing gets done
  • I arrived early, they were at lunch, sat on the porch for 50 minutes, heard a few birds a chirping but not Happy bird.
  • The visit went well, no major problems, some weight gain, A1C up but good,  BP was off a little from the nurse and the NP,
  • When the nurse checked my sugar level it was almost hypoglycemic, lol got some crackers and juice.
  • I returned home about 3 PM, sat down, dosed off, and realized my day was gone
  • The weekend, Monday, came and went

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