I went over to my Adobe subscription and listened and observed how to do some things in the Photoshop cc.  I will be honest if I could go through the CC package and learn how to use them I would be one smart cupcake (there is another word for it, but either I have forgotten it or never knew it).  Cupcake will do for now as I wish I could have one but I know I can’t or should not have one.  Umm, I wonder if that is the reason I am not married or have a girl friend, too sweet?  I think I need to shut up before I get myself into trouble.

I do enjoy the Adobe platform, at least it does give me some good experience.  I also enjoy the Office suite 365.  It also has a lot of challenges for someone to learn as an administrator.  I am amaze with the other platform called Azure.  A new language and technique in the communication between offices around the world or even local units alike.  I have to give it to the engineers at Microsoft, they have many smart and qualified professionals working on their projects.

So, Adobe, Microsoft Office Suite 365, and Azure are the future.

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