Photo and video

Finally I was able to bring up still photos from two HD cameras.  Both cameras are still and HD video with fantastic presentation.  I have also brought them up via the computer and on my TV screen which is the monitor for my computer.  All content is saved to a SD card.  I will go to bed with a smile.  These cameras are not my DSLR which can do the same thing either video or still.  Lol I am doing this without the use of my Blackmagic presenter.

I had to brag for a minute, I will know more about what I am doing.  I will try to produce something tomorrow and present it online as a Vblog.  Laughs lol.


I went over to my Adobe subscription and listened and observed how to do some things in the Photoshop cc.  I will be honest if I could go through the CC package and learn how to use them I would be one smart cupcake (there is another word for it, but either I have forgotten it or never knew it).  Cupcake will do for now as I wish I could have one but I know I can’t or should not have one.  Umm, I wonder if that is the reason I am not married or have a girl friend, too sweet?  I think I need to shut up before I get myself into trouble.

I do enjoy the Adobe platform, at least it does give me some good experience.  I also enjoy the Office suite 365.  It also has a lot of challenges for someone to learn as an administrator.  I am amaze with the other platform called Azure.  A new language and technique in the communication between offices around the world or even local units alike.  I have to give it to the engineers at Microsoft, they have many smart and qualified professionals working on their projects.

So, Adobe, Microsoft Office Suite 365, and Azure are the future.


I’ve had the pleasure of hearing some chirps a while ago.  Happy bird was not in the chirps, but that is not to say the chirps were not happy as well.  It is beautiful out and would be a great day to go for a flight if I was a bird, but I am not and foresee no wings down the road either.  Nature does amaze me with the many different life style placed on earth to enjoy or avoid.  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, just like the Eastwood movie.

I use to enjoy going out west when I was driving semi’s.  The country is so beautiful and invites you to stop and visit, and look around with enjoyment.  The west is so historic and really most of it has not changed all that much.  Much of the west is not kind to people who wants to distract from the beauty of the country.

Oh well, so I did hear some Chirps earlier.


I ordered my groceries a few days ago and requested today as the delivery date.  In the order I initially ordered fried okra at one pound.  They asked if onion rings would work if the okra was not available and I said yes and increased to 1.75 pounds.  I received the fried okra.  I am a very senior person, raised on a farm where okra and squash were eaten regularly.  I picked a lot of each as a kid, but never ate either.  A few years ago when I was eating out with friends I ate some fried okra.  My excuse was that it would sting me when I picked it was the reason I would not eat it.  Well, when I ate it I fell in love with it and now I will eat it often.  But now, squash is a different critter, to this day I will not eat it and I do not care how it is fixed, like green tomatoes yuk.  I had an enjoyable eat a few minutes ago, OKRA.

I have found that it cost a little more, not much, for me to put an order in via the computer and they shop, pack, and deliver to my door within two hours.  I have no lines, do not get ran over by golf carts, and all of the other discomforts associated with shopping in a large store. is the name of the site that I order from.

So yep, Okra is the name of the game today.  I have an order in the making from Amazon which also deliveries to the door within a day or two.  Cost a little different but I do stay home and not out in the way of the inconsiderate.

Came and went

  • The weekend came and went
  • Saturday night at 7 PM, the robot called, I missed it but I did realize who it was and I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday at 1:15 PM.  A follow-up.
  • At 6 AM I had to go across the street to Wal-Mart for some paper so I could print my records for the NP
  • A midday obligation messes up a whole day, nothing gets done
  • I arrived early, they were at lunch, sat on the porch for 50 minutes, heard a few birds a chirping but not Happy bird.
  • The visit went well, no major problems, some weight gain, A1C up but good,  BP was off a little from the nurse and the NP,
  • When the nurse checked my sugar level it was almost hypoglycemic, lol got some crackers and juice.
  • I returned home about 3 PM, sat down, dosed off, and realized my day was gone
  • The weekend, Monday, came and went