Cyber control over man

This morning a couple of things happened that got my attention.  One of the things was that I had stopped at a store for some drinks.  As I departed the SUV and began to walk toward the door of the store I heard what sounded like wild ducks or geese.  I never saw them but the sound was the same.  That is another sign that the weather is about to change and the wild know this and are adjusting for it.

For some reason I woke about 2:15 am and I got up for a short period, and really did nothing but drink a diet coke.  I got to thinking about life, the world, and how electronics affects us as individuals.  The more I thought about it, the more amazed I became over the impact of the electronic age to each person on earth.  Maybe you are not an internet, a smart phone, or a computer literate individual and that is all fine but the technology will still affect you in some way or the other.  Medical treatments are one way.

I have three active computers, one smart watch, a “smart phone”, two tablets, and hearing aids.  I also have smart cameras to.  I am the dummy in the house and I went to school some, to a few colleges, and tech school, plus many military schools.  These smart things never went to school, but they depend on me to help them to help me.  What a circle of help.

I go back to bed just to rise again in a few hours.  Once up, I get around and go out for a bite of food stuff, and a few cups of coffee.  My head is not clear of the thoughts about the electronic age at all, but did, by this time, open more thoughts about it, in our cars as well in out homes and towns.  Someone can hear you and you not know it, see you the same way, and even rip you off via credit reports and you not know about it.  By out study of electronics we have gave way to all of these things if it was mastered by a person with ill gains.  We invented a life saving, and a life destruction ability in a machine.

Cyber control is here to stay and there is nothing that we can do about it now.

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