Wrong buttons and twisted wires

A computer full of good stuff and starting to run down.  I may have to do a reset and if I do I will need to do a refit when it all is done.  I have already began backing up files and data to a portable hard drive.  I will have to of course clean it of any bugs or mice that may have took up house keeping within the framework.  That should be no problem as I do have many sources that do that kind of work and are installed on the computer.  The new computer has not been used much so it is ok so far.  The laptop is sick for a lack of use.

I have no wrong buttons or twisted wires to deal with when I do a reset.  Just a lettle headache in reconstruction.  Updates will sure to come down the pipeline later.

Tomorrow, I have no vivid plans nor distractions to deal with.  I may tend to make efforts in that direction beginning tomorrow.

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