Apple at $1T…I do not have nor do I like the Apple phone, I would like the watch I think but again one has to have the phone to go with it.  But I can not criticize an American company, started in a garage of this accomplishment.  I am agog at best of this accomplishment for an American company.

I just wanted to comment on a great feat.

Despotic members of government

  • In government many despotic members gain perquisites due to their position
  • Some emoluments are exculpated of their wrong doings
  • Others, less hegemony, are exemplified and humiliated among their peers
  • Being enthralled in my ways, I think that I would not care to be a despotic member of any government, for emoluments, hegemony, or any benefits not justified in my executions of my duties.
  • Above comments refer to a few of the many within the government that are self-centered for self only and not those that they represent a duty to.  My views only.

Agog about Happy bird

  • I am agog about Happy bird might return today
  • Soon I will go and eat my morning fill of food items
  • Drink a few cups of java for which I care not
  • With hope that the rain has moved on elsewhere
  • I feel special today, why?
  • To answer, I know not that which I speak
  • Nothing special today for me to feel this way
  • Just another day of life, with or without someone
  • Today I am agog about Happy bird may drop by.