The old man pt 3

The old man pt 3

The power was out so the old man left home and went to a local office store in town to ask a question or two.  When he got there their lights were back on and the people that he wanted to see was at lunch.  He walked around for a few minutes and sat next to the window waiting for their return.  Finally one of the guys came in carrying a computer, that is what they do repair and setup computers.  They talked for about 5 minutes and no obligations were established.  As the day went on the old man felt tired and set in a chair and dozed off and on until the phone ranged.  It was his sister hinting but not asking for any help.  The conversation was about how financially stressed she was and no one wanted to help her.  The old man was alert and understood not to volunteer.

The old man has retired for the night and is resting well alone in his bed.

A wreck

I was sitting here enjoying my freedom late this afternoon and I received a phone call.  A friend on mine called to tell me that he had a wreck, no one was hurt but his car is probably totaled.  Then ask me for a favor, ugg as I was thinking, but he wanted to take his wife to Captain Dee’s for fish.  I said ok, I will come and get you.  I picked them up at their home and we went and had the fish.  I told him that I would help some but I will not be out at night nor all day running around.  I have been having some crazy thoughts but I think they fell out of my SUV back a couple of miles, that was letting him use one of my vehicles.  Not!

I am home now and now I have to do my night meds and prepare for bed.

Moving westward

Moving westward

The daylight arrived early this morning,  As I began to join in the festivities of sunrise and doing things as usual, it got stranger and stranger.  The noon hour as we know has passed into the Pacific Ocean and headed to Hawaii.  I have never heard how Hawaii fared the storm last week, I care because I have been there and people were involved, I just do not watch a lot of news any longer, as it is said in a song it is all the same.  I did hear that young people wants the free things given to them that Clinton and Sanders promised them.  Some radicals are wanting Socialism.  Whatever happen to the belief in America?

I am not sure if much was said above that justified a title of Moving westward, but it was placed at the head because the subject was about the sunlight moving westward.  I guess I ran out of words.  Maybe I need to get into buttonhole situation so I will know what is going on.  Nah, I would be a taciturn and accomplish nothing.

My Amazon order arrived today and then I get a message from Amazon saying that my order was delayed longer than promised so they are going to refund my shipping cost.  Wow, I am not sure that is good news or bad news.  I did know it was late.  I will order something else later today and it will be here on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I have another blood test on Tuesday morning.

I thought I saw a flea a few minutes ago, I have been itching ever since.  Everyone around me has a dog, the weather is such that fleas are around, and I am sure most of the dog owners are good people and take care of their dogs, also I know others do not.  I do not think I have received a flea bite just yet but I also do not want one no time soon.

Moving westward sunlight,

Cross the waters and be a sailor’s delight

May the seas be calm and storm free

A thing we old Sailors wish to see

Calm seas and following winds

A sailor’s to do it again.

A computer and its friend

A computer and its friend

We think of people having friends, good or bad they’re still considered to be a friend.  Now can a computer or a robot have friends?  I would think yes they could be friendly even with some humans.  Robots are people friends, they will fight for you, they will bring you a drink, shoes, or something else you desire.  Can they cook? Probably not today, but I am sure someone is working on that.  Do we humans need to fear the rash of the electronic people and their control friends?  I think not no time soon.  Maybe the next century if we remain America and not a socialist country.  A lot will depend on our Government involvement because they want to design and produce an electronic military so we may save lives should we ever again enter into a conflict.

I personally do believe that man will have electronic friends.  Heck, man has the female girlfriends and well do do women, expensive but?

A computer and its friend.


The old man pt 2

The old man pt 2

He woke today at 6:03 am.  While getting dressed the cell ranged and it was a friend with a used smart phone (he does not know anything about one), and one of the waitresses had called to see if the old man was coming down this morning.  It was a waste of time for him to go conversation was lacking and the bisque, sausage, cheese, and tomato was too heavy on the old man’s sugar level.  While sitting around the house the power for the area went out.  With luck the UPS delivered his Amazon food order before the power went out.  The old man does have his story each day.