Tuesday 7/31, last day of the month

  • Tuesday 7/31, last day of the month
  • Schools begin at different times starting next month
  • County schools at one time
  • City schools at another time
  • Parents spending much money for supplies just for school needs
  • Wal-Marts and many other businesses smile as they go to the bank
  • Some schools require students to have private matter articles as well
  • I recall my school days, pencils and pads of paper was all we needed
  • I guess things change for less education, more needs, it is the cyber world afterall
  • Pre K, Kindergarden, first grade, etc; when will infant school start?
  • Oh, I am out of touch, Day care is a form of school I believe, expensive
  • Moms and Dads (if there is one), working just to pay for school and life
  • I relate not to Gang school, Facebook school, other Social Media school
  • Today is Tuesday 7/31, last day of the month


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