The time is 6:05 AM

  • It is 6:05 AM
  • I enter my vehicle to a short travel
  • It is 6:15 AM, I arrive at the eating place
  • Some of the old people are there, already jawing about yesterday.
  • I am lucky in that I can seat myself and be quite because I had missed the jaw breaker.
  • The coffee comes and I do indulge in a drink.
  • I wait to order, either I do not like the cook or waiter/waitress (there is one person that is both).
  • Another cup of coffee comes, ok I do order “2 scrambled, order of bacon, hash browns and toast.
  • The bill comes with a third cup of coffee,
  • The food comes so I dig in as if I am starving, and I am not.
  • The conversation continues then everyone begins to pay up and leave.
  • I am left alone, I also pay up and leave for home no more educated now than I was when I enter the door at the beginning.
  • The time is 7:10 AM
  • It is 7:23 AM and I am at  home.  Why the 3 extra minutes?  Because I had to wait for the gate to open so I could get home.

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