Positively positve today

Well my friends here in the cyber world, it finally got to me and I had to take an hour and half nap.  Of course the phone had to ring so I just got up and came in here to see how the cyber world was doing.  I am impressed, it always does real good-by its self.

I have pretty much accomplished all that I said I would today.  I did miss Happy bird and family this morning.  I got tricked in doing aid to one without transportation.  Oh well I could have said no.  I got into the car and pulled out my phone before I cracked up to check messages, this person had texted me and I did not know it, but some how I sent back a thumbs up, obligating myself for the transport.  I guess it was no big deal anyway.

The other news in my old life is that I am 18 connections from 500 in LinkedIn.  I should make it this week. That will be another goal accomplished.

Grammatic gave me recognition this morning on my week 16 accomplishments.

So I am positively positive today.

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