Monday 7/30

It is Monday 7/30, a day when I start calling my doctors and verifying their scheduled time to see me.  The cycle will start soon.  I need to make sure that my calendar is up to date.

I will be having breakfast in a couple of hours, either here at the apartment or away from home.  I am not sure which just yet.  I mainly go out just to be around some live to talk to for a minute.  The conversation never changes, “So-n-so said this” or “So-n-so did this”.  I have found when talking to old people like myself, valued conversation is not an event to get much information from.  They are always right so do not challenge them in what they say.  Heck I hope that I am not that way but I may be and just do not recognise it.

Well, it is still a Monday 7/30 so stay positive today and just be yourself because everyone else is already taken.

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