Your time ahead

The thunder is gone, the rain stayed a bit longer, and now the evening is here. I M about to go the computer and see what I can get into before bed.

I turned the TV off, nothing on of interest to me.

Hope your time ahead is a happy btime.

Positively positve today

Well my friends here in the cyber world, it finally got to me and I had to take an hour and half nap.  Of course the phone had to ring so I just got up and came in here to see how the cyber world was doing.  I am impressed, it always does real good-by its self.

I have pretty much accomplished all that I said I would today.  I did miss Happy bird and family this morning.  I got tricked in doing aid to one without transportation.  Oh well I could have said no.  I got into the car and pulled out my phone before I cracked up to check messages, this person had texted me and I did not know it, but some how I sent back a thumbs up, obligating myself for the transport.  I guess it was no big deal anyway.

The other news in my old life is that I am 18 connections from 500 in LinkedIn.  I should make it this week. That will be another goal accomplished.

Grammatic gave me recognition this morning on my week 16 accomplishments.

So I am positively positive today.

The time is 6:05 AM

  • It is 6:05 AM
  • I enter my vehicle to a short travel
  • It is 6:15 AM, I arrive at the eating place
  • Some of the old people are there, already jawing about yesterday.
  • I am lucky in that I can seat myself and be quite because I had missed the jaw breaker.
  • The coffee comes and I do indulge in a drink.
  • I wait to order, either I do not like the cook or waiter/waitress (there is one person that is both).
  • Another cup of coffee comes, ok I do order “2 scrambled, order of bacon, hash browns and toast.
  • The bill comes with a third cup of coffee,
  • The food comes so I dig in as if I am starving, and I am not.
  • The conversation continues then everyone begins to pay up and leave.
  • I am left alone, I also pay up and leave for home no more educated now than I was when I enter the door at the beginning.
  • The time is 7:10 AM
  • It is 7:23 AM and I am at  home.  Why the 3 extra minutes?  Because I had to wait for the gate to open so I could get home.

Oh sleepless me

It is 3:39 AM on this date, I am up because laying in bed was doing me no good.  My philosophe is if you can’t sleep, get up and do something, then later own while sitting in a good chair you will sleep.  I have never one to lay in bed tossing and turning in hopes of eventually sleeping more.  By the time you do eventually fall asleep it is time to get up anyway so why waste a good opportunity to accomplish something?

I assume that Mr and Mrs Happy bird are still sleeping.  I think there is a rule in bird law that says they can not fly in the dark because they have no lights on them.  It is a life saver for them it that is true.