James is found

Has anyone seen James today?

I can’t say that I have.  Let me give a shout and see if all is well.

James is well, said he has been very tired today, also sad Happy bird did not come by to sing for him, but with much travel plans ahead for Happy bird he does understand.

James said he went to Best Buy to try to find a DV IEEE cable, of course then did not have one so he did the right thing and came back got online to Ebay and found a bunch of them.  He ordered one DV to USB.  He hopes that will solve his problems.

His computer is acting so slow today for some reason, it has been rebooted three times just to give it a break.  Maybe tomorrow he will back it up and see if that will work.

The evening is here now and James is thinking about bed, not really ready for it but he feels that he needs to show up for the effort.  Who knows, he says, it might relax him and let him get a few hours of good sleep.  As for tomorrow nothing is planned at this time, maybe some doctor calls to check on appointments coming up and updating the calendar.

James homes Happy bird will again come by tomorrow, either him or Mrs Happy bird.  The songs are very interesting and relaxing.


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