Happy bird dropped by

I was sitting in a chair in the living room a while ago and I heard Happy bird out doing some chirp, not singing, just a few chirps to say hello.  I knew then that my day was to get better.  So far it has come true, nothing of importance of course and nothing bad either.  I did not look to verify but I think he/she was on my rail  on the porch.

I finished eating and Happy bird was gone to greet others around here.  I did go to Wal-Mart and get the batteries and media card that I needed.

The mail came and besides the medications it was a waste.  VA pharmacy is fast on processing when it is time to deliver.  I phoned them yesterday and she sounded exhausted.

I have to go and organize my medications for the up coming week.  I do it once a week so when the day comes all I have to do is pull the tray and take my pills.  I hope they are working, but I can not tell if they are myself.  The doctors seem to be happy.

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