A little about pets

I was talking to a young lady this morning and she told me that she is like me in that she was a geek type person with cameras and computers.  I talked a bit with her and she said that she use to photo birds.  I said that is interesting.  She was once in the Army so I thought that was our common interest but the more I am around her the more I learn.  I do know she is a very good cook because she is my primary cook when I go to eat.  She has a cat, sorry cats are not my thing and there is a story behind that of which I will not bring up on this media production.

Dogs, now I like dogs and most of them like me.  I have a story there too, again I will reserve it for the sake of value.

A few years I had a quarter horse, but the previous owner had it fixed and so he was only a horse.  I could ride him and he knew that I was not a great rider so sometime he wanted to let me know that he knew more about horses than I did.  My cousin was afraid of him because he wanted to go into a buck with her.  She has a pinto and she has had it for years so it is very gentil with her.  She rides it a lot when she is down at her dad’s place.  I no longer have the horse, I let someone have him because the expense was heavy when I had no place to keep him myself.


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