Wisdom astray

Sitting here thinking about some things that I do each day and I ask now which direction do I want to go at this time?  I need to learn a new word for the 10 minutes that it will remain in my head.  I have found that if I do not use the word it will fall to the ground and in the dust it will be hard to again locate and use.  Kind of like money, one is better off to keep it put up and then one can not use it for unnecessary things.  But to be human is just that, we once had our chance and we fail the test of trust so we continue to be paying for the decision once made long ago.

Once years ago, I was given some great wisdom but I was young and misguided by others that I did not use the wisdom in the right way.  My granddaddy and uncles told me when I went into the military to conserve, that I would have 3 meals a day, clothes to wear, a place to live and sleep, and a job to do, therefore, I should put my money away for a rainy day and let it grow.  I was 18, therefore, young and knew all that I needed to know.  I find today that I was also stupid, yes I did learn a lot but not the good of wisdom.  I think them for their effort and I have missed the ability to tell them how I feel now about what they told me.


Happy bird dropped by

I was sitting in a chair in the living room a while ago and I heard Happy bird out doing some chirp, not singing, just a few chirps to say hello.  I knew then that my day was to get better.  So far it has come true, nothing of importance of course and nothing bad either.  I did not look to verify but I think he/she was on my rail  on the porch.

I finished eating and Happy bird was gone to greet others around here.  I did go to Wal-Mart and get the batteries and media card that I needed.

The mail came and besides the medications it was a waste.  VA pharmacy is fast on processing when it is time to deliver.  I phoned them yesterday and she sounded exhausted.

I have to go and organize my medications for the up coming week.  I do it once a week so when the day comes all I have to do is pull the tray and take my pills.  I hope they are working, but I can not tell if they are myself.  The doctors seem to be happy.

A little about pets

I was talking to a young lady this morning and she told me that she is like me in that she was a geek type person with cameras and computers.  I talked a bit with her and she said that she use to photo birds.  I said that is interesting.  She was once in the Army so I thought that was our common interest but the more I am around her the more I learn.  I do know she is a very good cook because she is my primary cook when I go to eat.  She has a cat, sorry cats are not my thing and there is a story behind that of which I will not bring up on this media production.

Dogs, now I like dogs and most of them like me.  I have a story there too, again I will reserve it for the sake of value.

A few years I had a quarter horse, but the previous owner had it fixed and so he was only a horse.  I could ride him and he knew that I was not a great rider so sometime he wanted to let me know that he knew more about horses than I did.  My cousin was afraid of him because he wanted to go into a buck with her.  She has a pinto and she has had it for years so it is very gentil with her.  She rides it a lot when she is down at her dad’s place.  I no longer have the horse, I let someone have him because the expense was heavy when I had no place to keep him myself.


Today a normal day

I missed Happy bird this morning, I was late getting back from eating.

Feeling good today after a relaxing night.  My back was hurting a bit this morning but feels better now.  The weather looks like it will be a hot one today, but that is ok with me as I most likely will not go anywhere unless I run to Wal-Mart for a minute.  I need a battery for a remote to my DVX camcorder.  I also need a 32gb media card for another camcorder.

A friend brought some home-grown tomatoes and gave me a few of them.  Sure are good tasting tomato.  I have already eaten a sandwich with one of them.