Extraterrestrial wisdom to guide

No auditory in a negative or discussed tent within the text of this post.

The evening has began to surround us here on the Eastern Coastal States.  Happy bird is elsewhere with Mrs Happy bird, maybe dancing or singing together a song of romance and love.  I shall sit here and ponder about and around the events of the day,  Maybe I will literate some thoughts about it all at a later time.

I may consult some extraterrestrial wisdom to guide me back into my other world and to my misplaced Cyber Space Transport Vehicle.  I have failed to keep track of the schedule of arrival and departures so now I have reconnect in some way.

I thought earlier that I would enjoy the TV Series of “Hell on Wheels”, but I think I fell asleep a few times there and missed a lot of it.  Netflix has plenty of it so I guess I can get replays all I want.  I am also an Amazon Prime member.  Sometimes I feel like cutting back on some of that stuff, but then where would I be, and that part I worry about.  I need to read some more and see if I can accomplish my goal of downloading my camcorders into the computer for editing.  I have the programs to do it, now I just need the right connections.

I am living by inchmeal now in hope that I shall not decimate my accomplishments so far not any in the future.  I feel that it will not happen that way as it is not meant to be that way.  I think my word shall be trustworthy enough to lead me down the path of satisfaction and happiness for today, tomorrow, and so forth.  I am positive in thought and strong in my faith that tomorrow will produce for me.

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