An intervention to propitiate

Today, as of about 15 minutes ago, I am looking for some kind of intervention to propitiate the remainder to the day.  I shall become a taciturn personality and be reluctant to appear otherwise.  I will control what causes me to feel this way.

In my case, I think to be happy is a sin.  Any good news that comes my way will cause the desire of others to intervene and want to be part of it.  If I submit to their request then I negate my ability to do things that I wish for the sake of others.

I woke this morning to sounds of job Happy bird was back singing.  I was so positive about today, UPS was coming to bring some medications,  I had no plans to really do anything else, then I got the camcorders to work on the TV.  A Brian cell lives.  Then comes the call and text message.

My youngest son’s step dad has been taking care of my ex-wife which is in bad health.  Now he is in the hospital with various cancer problems, he is elderly.  My son’s car broke down and was towed back to the shop for repairs,  his power bill is overextended, on and on it goes.  I shall maintain and move on into the day, relaxed and collective.  PTSD will not be a problem.  I am positive  and in control.

Sorry to air grief, but by inchmeal it will all fade into yesteryear.  No hoodwink here.

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