Good words with impact

UNREQUITED – first used in 1556 (just before I was born) an Adj not returned in kind.

INCHMEAL – first used in 1530 an adverb, little by little, gradually, normally follows by.

PERFIDIOUS – believed to be first used in 1572, adj, deceitful, treacherous

PERFIDY – first used in  1572, noun, the quality or state of being dishonest or disloyal

Merriam-Webster unabridged Dictionary as source.

I wish I could describe my day today, but I can’t  I think about it I end up with a headache.  It has not been a bad day just a crappy day.  I ran across a few words that would fit my day if I used them in conversation, so I will leave them as they are above and others may appreciate them in one way or another.  Words are like birds fun but I think words can be more impacting when listen to.

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